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Meet your personal team of marketers & innovators, constantly coming up with new ways to make your local business shine.

we're cooking up innovation outside the kitchen

Local businesses love Lamb Labs™ – regional marketing & technology genius teams who push the bounds of what new value we can add to local businesses like yours

new feature testing

We develop new ways to promote your local business by experimenting with the latest marketing trends

Lamb Labs Fresh Bread

innovative ideas

We come up with fresh new ideas constantly based on your feedback & customer experiences

always free

Innovation is at the core of the Lamb Delivery experience. It's part of our philosophy to be pro-local.

some of the lamb delivery features birthed from lamb labs include...

Free influencer marketing for your popular menu items

Domestic-based phone support for your customers

Blogger-style video spotlights shot at your location

Sponsored gift card giveaways promoted on social media

Food delivery technology to improve quality

Technological improvements for more efficient store operations

always free for our local partners.
forever helping local families.
that's what's cooking in the lab.